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Ustad Irshad Khan


Ustad Irshad Khan is the torchbearer of the younger generation of the Imdadkhani Etawa Gharana (school), Ustad Imrat Khan is his father, Ustad Vilayet Khan is his uncle, Ustad Enayet Khan is his grandfather and legendary Ustad Imdad Khan is his great grandfather. Irshad Khan’s individual stamp in both these instruments ascends from the distinctiveness of his technique and mental prowess. His phenomenal control of the intricate "gayaki-ang"(vocal) and "tantra-ang"(instrumental) styles makes Irshad Khan one of the world’s most dynamic musicians of today. Since he plays both Surbahar and Sitar, a rare feat, he commands a raga over its beat-free ""Vistar" till the "Bandish/Gaat" to "Jhala" domain. In the current North Indian Instrumental Music scene he stands tall alone in this except for his father Ustad Imrat Khan.