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Ms. Kala Ramnath


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Young Maestro Kala Ramnath, the contemporary torch bearer of the Mewati gharana, is an outstanding instrumental musician in the North Indian Classical genre. Born into a family of prodigious musical talent which has given Indian music such violin legends as Prof. T N Krishnan and Dr. N Rajam, Kala’s genius with the violin manifested itself from childhood. She started learning the violin at the age of three from her grandfather Vidwan Narayan Iyer and was later trained by her aunt Dr. Smt. N. Rajam. For the past eleven years, she was trained by the Mewati vocal maestro Sangeet Marthand Pandit Jasraj. Kala’s violin playing is characterised by an immaculate bowing and fingering technique. There is a rare cultural blend of innate artistry and technical brilliance in her renderings which has a soul-uplifting character.

Kala has performed at all major music festivals, prominent among them being Tansen Samaroh, Swami Hardas Sangeet Samaroh, Sawai Gandharva Sangeet Sammelan, Doverlane Music Conference, Baba Harvallabh Sangeet Sammelan, Pandit Motiram Sangit Samaroh, Sprit of Unity concerts, name a few. In 1988 Kala became the first ever Hindustani musician and violinist to record for CBS India Ltd. She is an A-Grade artist of Radio and Television. Her awards include "Gaan Hira" Paaritoshik award in Music, Pandit Jasraj award in 1999, and titles of Surmani and Surratna, to name a few. Kala has won the acclaim of critics and discerning audiences alike. She has extensively toured the USA, Canada, UK, Russia, Australia, Middle East, Bangladesh, Nepal, etc. Her lecture demonstrations and workshops in music have been highly appreciated in these countries as well. She is the Principal of Pandit Jasraj School of Music Foundation in Tampa, Florida.

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