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Pandit Madhav Bhatki is an acclaimed musician, gifted composer and much sought after teacher of Hindustani classical music.  He is one of the few musicians who upholds the discipline and purity of the Gwalior gharana.


Hailing from a musical family, Pt. Madhav Bhatki was initiated into music at an early age by Pt. Ganpatbua Purohit (disciple of Pt. Bakhalebuwa).  Later he received advanced training from Pt. Rajarambua Paradkar of Gwalior gharana for many years. He also had guidance from Pt. S.B. Deshpande and Pt. Manikbua Thakurdas.   Pt. Madhav Bhatki was a regular performer in the trinity club, Bombay, where he also got fine-grained guidance from the top stalwarts of Hindustani classical music.  He also underwent tabla training from Pt. Yeshwant Kerkar, Bombay.


Pandit Madhav Bhatki migrated to USA in 1972 and continued his musical explorations himself.  During every visit to India, he associated with noted scholar musician - Pandit C R Vyas, who was his guru-bandhu earlier.  Deeply impressed by Madhav Bhatki's musical skills, Pt. C R Vyas steered and nurtured him further with his own and traditional Gwalior and Agra gharana compositions.


Pandit Madhav Bhatki is a virtuoso musician, blessed with a very powerful voice that turns every single note into a highly precisioned perfection while maintaining an absolute divinity.  His artistic imagination coupled with the structured development of ragas and swift tans are truly mesmerizing and enthrall audiences with their emotional appeal.


Being an exponent in tabla himself, Pandit Madhav Bhatki uses it to his advantage and delights worldwide audience with rare talas, laykaaris etc.  He has performed many concerts in India and USA.  He has also accompanied various stalwarts of Hindustani classical music including Pt. Rajarambua Paradkar, Pt. C R Vyas, Pandit Jitendra Abhisheki etc. Madhav Bhatki is also a master composer. Hundreds of his "prema guni" signature compositions are always extremely delightful to musical connoisseurs for their extraordinary melodic structures and challenging cycle-points.