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Smt. Sanhita Nandi


Sanhita Nandi is an exponent of North Indian Vocal (Kirana) Gharana: Khayal and Thumri genres. After initial riyaz and training at Durgapur, Sanhita's resplendent voice and depth of musical acumen led to her early recognition with the completion of her Sangeet Prabhakar degree with distinction and as a graded artiste in All India Radio. From school to university days she has won several prizes in state and national-level competitions including the prestigious Dover Lane Young talent search contest in Calcutta.

She was later groomed by Late Pandit A. Kanan, a disciple of Ustad Amir Khan in Kirana Gharana. This opened out the large canvas of vilambit to fast tempo tarana gayaki that has been developed over the last 150 years in India by various gharana masters. She got an added exposure under Pandit Vinayak Torvi of Kirana/Gwalior traditions during her stay in Bangalore.

However, the central motif of her "gayaki" is Kirana: the slow tempo of raga development (voice culture, voice throw, and tonal application),ornamented sargams and exposition of "chota khayal and tarana" with inimitable "taan" patterns. With riyaz she has an added flair of Punjabi gayaki as well. An unmistakable feature of her presentation is blending of the two major wings of Kirana gayaki and bring out ragas in imaginative trajectories of "sur-laya-phirat".

She has widely performed in the east coast (prestigious Annenberg center (UPenn), World Bank Auditorium, Philadelphia Art Musuem, Learn Quest Academy in Boston, Lotus Fine Arts in New York, Chhandayan concert series, Marathi Sangeet Prabhat and many other classical organizations in India & USA. Sanhita resides in New Jersey, where she devotes her time  teaching young aspirants in Hindustani vocal music.